Thursday, June 8, 2017

Softies and Plush Toys Roundup

Little hands are going to love these soft, friendly and endearing plush toys. They are easy to make, great if you're looking for ways to use up scrap fabric and perfect projects for beginners to stretch their sewing skills.

1. Cuddle Buddy Bear

This warm, cozy and snuggly teddy bear is sure to be a favorite!

2.  Shirt Bunny

Springtime is in full bloom with these adorable bunny softies made from old (or new) t-shirts.

3.  Bean Bag Numbers

123's, please! What better way to teach little ones how to count than to make these fun bean bag numbers that they can pick up and order from 1 to 9.

4.  Stuffed Ball Toy

This stuffed ball toy is one of my favorite plush toys to make. It's easy to put together and a great project for beginners.

5.  Tagalong Teddy

Here's another adorable teddy bear that's sure to be a favorite. It's also a beginner level project with professional looking results.

6.  Pumpkin Pie

And, just when you thought that these adorable plush toys couldn't get any sweeter. This yummy pumpkin pie pattern is the perfect addition to any tea party.

7.  Lollipop

A sweet treat without all of the sugar—this colorful lollipop is fun to make and a great creative project to share.

Whether you're making a handmade gift for a friend's baby shower or you want to create a loving memory for your own child, plush toys are a great way to add your personal handmade touch to a special occasion.


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